Saint Brigid’s One World Group

Our Parish Third World Group has been in existence now for more than 32 years.

The name has served us well with most people associating the term Third World with developing countries in Africa, South America and Asia.

However this term has become outdated and can be construed as being insensitive – indeed a number of parishioners and others have made this point to us and we have listened to their views.

We have therefore decided to change our name to

Saint Brigid’s One World Group

We will adopt our new name with immediate effect although it will not formally change until April 2023 to allow us time to take the necessary regulatory and administrative steps. Until then cheques should continue to be made payable to St Brigid’s Third World Group and electronic donations to Account No 68825172 Sort Code 90-22-07.

Thank you for your continuing generous support for our beneficiaries.