Keep Up to Date

You can keep up to date with all our news as it happens. Every time we put up a new post you can have it sent to your computer.

There are two possibilities. In the first your browser (Internet Explorer; Google Chrome; Firefox; etc) will display a small box at the bottom of your screen saying ‘Follow‘. You simply click on it.

The second way is to use the tool called called RSS (found on the bottom right of the Home page). It will push any new posts out to your computer but the St Brigid’s Third World Group site will not be given your details.

The information about your computer or email remains between you and the tool you choose as the feed reader (sometimes also called an aggregator). So you can rest assured that we will not be bothering you with marketing information if you decide to use the RSS feed.

You can choose to have entries (ie new posts on the home page plus any added pages or information) sent to you by clicking on Entries RSS on the bottom right of the home page – or you can see any new comments posted to the site by clicking on Comments RSS. Or you can of course have both.

When you click on the RSS link you will be asked to choose from a number of feed readers and you can choose the one that suits your web browser. You can cancel your RSS feed at any time by going back to your chosen feed tool.

For more information on feed readers click here.