Why Support Us?

In these days of competing needs from a large number of worthy charities you may be asking yourself – Why should I support St Brigid’s Third World Group in particular?

Here are some reasons you might like to look at:

  • Local – the Group has a direct contact within all of the projects they support and most of these contacts have a direct connection with someone living in our parish;
  • Efficient – all of the moneys raised by the Group are passed on to the supported projects; nothing is subtracted for ‘administration costs’ – and the money is further enhanced by effective use of the Gift Aid Scheme;
  • Contacts – the Group maintains regular and direct contact with each project and obtains reports on how the money is spent for the benefit of those with whom the project works;
  • Longstanding – the Group has been working successfully since 1989;
  • Accountable – the Group is based in this Parish and publishes its accounts each year so that donors and other supporters can see what is being done;
  • Successful – the Group and the project leaders have made a difference to a large number of people’s lives in a wide range of developing countries.

We hope that you will agree and will support our work into the future.